Crescent medical blades are already used in some of the world’s most innovative medical applications. As a surgical blade manufacturer, we’ve developed a medical blade to slice biopsy sections as thin as 2 microns, a microkeratome blade to cut perfect flaps in corneas, and other medical blades to carefully bore plaque from arteries. Even if your design is still just a picture in your mind, chances are, our expertise in surgical blades can help make your vision a reality.

As a surgical blade manufacturer, Crescent understands the importance of precision as demanded by the medical blade industry.


Microtome Blades
DURAEDGE® Microtome Blades
Encore™ Microtome Blade
  Dermatome Blade
  Microkeratome Blades
  Micro-Dilatation Catheter Blade (See Case Study)
  Umbilical Cord Cutting Blade
Trocar Blade
Surgical blades
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