Founded in 1898, Crescent Manufacturing Company is the only firm in the United States dedicated solely to specialty blade design and production. We design and produce only the highest quality specialty cutting blades.

We operate from a modern, 80,000-square-foot facility specifically designed for efficient blade fabrication. Because precision is so important to us and our customers, we design and build virtually all our own blade production equipment. Combined with an employee base that averages 20 years' tenure, our unique engineering and blade manufacturing capabilities provide the framework for our continued modernization program.

We draw our strength from the highly diverse specialty blade markets we serve; markets where a premium is placed on quality, design, innovation, flexibility, and responsiveness. We design specific tooling for each customer that is particular to their needs. The result blade production that is second to none. Consequently, our manufacturing is built around an extremely loyal customer base with long-standing, uninterrupted relationships.

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