If you are in the market for a specialty blade, Crescent is ready to help you. Our New Product Development team will assess your information gathered from our Request A Quote link and subsequent conversations with our sales and engineering staff. Understanding the critical nature of all edge and dimensional tolerances will aid in the development of the most economical design.

Crescent will combine your needs with our knowledge of custom blade manufacturing. All of our projects utilize the exchange of information by use of drawings and prototypes. It is often best to simulate production conditions when producing prototypes. However, Crescent can rapidly produce prototypes if your project dictates the need. Once you have verified the design, our sales staff will provide you with a detailed quotation covering all cost and fabrication time considerations for custom blade manufacturing.

Crescent will then fabricate any tooling and produce a pilot run (a predetermined quantity of blades to be assessed). It is our shared responsibility to validate that the blades meet the agreed upon end use. Crescent is now ready to produce your blades.

Let us put our years of experience in custom blade manufacturing to work for you!


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